Let Me Kiss You

Well I ‘physically admire’ you very much, sir. There’s no shortage of people who do. Another thing there’s no shortage of is pop stars with lots of admirers who sing about nothing except how much they get laid. Let’s hear it for the other side, for once. As with many Morrissey songs, this is both romantic and pathetic. Which tends to be the way with unrequited desire. It’s romantic inside the inflamed one’s head, thoroughly pathetic to everyone around them. Especially the nonreciprocating desired one. No one looks down at you more or makes you feel worse that the one you love who doesn’t love you back. That, sadly, is a thing we all go through, even the most attractive of us. It is, in fact, a habit of some people to pursue and long for someone specifically because they don’t reciprocate. I think it’s especially a habit of attractive people, people who can have nearly anyone they want. Because if you’re someone who can have anyone (nearly) to be rejected is an wounding insult like none other. Rejection is hurtful and insulting under any circumstances, of course, but I venture to guess that the already downtrodden and insecure take it as a matter of course. Some people expect to be rejected, and that’s their burden to bear. For someone who expects to be the pursued one, to be rejected not only hurts, but can shatter their entire, elaborately constructed, image of themselves as irresistible hotcakes. I realize this sounds like the total hogwash of a beauty privileged person that it is; “Us hot people suffer too, you know!” I’m just pointing out that certain people, who consider themselves to be hot and deserving of every conceivable accolade for being so, make it a point to run after that one person who’s not so into them, just to validate their self-image, which then backfires and annihilates their self-image, at least temporarily.  Which all circles back to the point; pursuing an uninterested party is a humiliation we all go through, and some of us like to make it extra hard on ourselves.


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