Let It Rain

Does it feel like I’ve been too negative the last couple of days? Overrated this, and overrated that. Well, I wouldn’t want you to think that I have irrational negativity towards Eric Clapton. If I did, he wouldn’t even be on this page. I have nothing but mild affection for him! All I’m saying is, he’s a good man but please stop calling him God. So anyhow, here’s a nice song from Clapton’s first solo album, which happens to be one of his best. I think it’s very early seventies beach house. That is, evocative of its time, and I don’t know why, very West Coast. Why Eric Clapton, an Englishman, strikes me as a California bro, I don’t know. I do know that Clapton recorded several albums in California, including this one, but lots of albums are recorded in lots of places and don’t come out sounding like those places. I can’t winnow down why these types of associations are made. They just are.


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