Let It Loose

My unpopular opinion is that Exile On Main St. is vastly overrated. From what I’ve heard, Mick Jagger agrees. Jagger seems like the type to not take an overly sentimental view on his history. That would set him apart from critics who seem to value Exile more for the aura of debauched glamour that hangs about it than its contents. Not to dismiss the record entirely, though. It has so many good songs. The main problem is, as with many double albums, it’s just too long, and the exhaustion that sets in towards the end of the first disc may prevent the many nuggets on the second disc from making a proper impression. At least the Beatles eventually came to the consensus that their own double album suffered this problem. Like The White Album, Exile would have benefited from a little trimming of the fat, and probably would have been better split into one really great and one moderately good album.


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