File under: Eric Clapton, eternal legacy of. It’s sort of conventional wisdom that Layla is his greatest song, but I’m inclined to agree. It has a passion that a lot of his other – otherwise great – songs are lacking. Of course, I assume you all are already familiar with the famous love triangle that inspired the song. The one involving Clapton, his bff George Harrison and Harrison’s wife Pattie Boyd. That was some soap opera shit, or so some storytellers would have it. I suspect that in real life, the randy Clapton did not just swoop in and ‘steal’ Harrison’s helpless woman away when his back was turned. George and Pattie’s marriage had been in trouble for a long time and was doomed to end one way or another, as failed marriages tend to do. And given that everybody managed to stay friends afterwards, it was probably less melodramatic than it’s been made out to be. One thing’s for sure – both men got at least one great album out of it. Clapton came up with Layla, and Harrison produced Dark Horse. And Pattie Boyd will be forever remembered as one of history’s great muses.


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