Lay Down Sally

Guitar summit. How would you like to be wooed by Eric Clapton and Mark Knopler? Not really, huh? Oh, well, then. I don’t know what-all either one of those two has been up to lately, but it’s pretty great to hear them jam together, even if, judging from the backup singers’ hair, it took place some thirty-odd years ago. Whats worse than not knowing what Eric Clapton is up to is the fact that I don’t care. It’s kind of sad, but it’s been so long since he’s made any decent music that he could come out with something greater than anything he’s ever done, and no one would notice, because nobody is paying attention anymore. Maybe I’m being too harsh on old Clapton – he’s done his fair share and earned his place as one of the greats. From the Cream years to his solo records throughout he seventies he may not have been god, but he was up there in the pantheon. It’s probably unfair to complain that he hasn’t kept it up for another thirty years. Also if he had kept it up with certain things which may or may not have fueled his creativity, he’d most likely be dead, and then we would we be?


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