I’ll Never Leave You

This one may be a bit schmaltzy, but go with it. What’s a little Nilsson Schmilsson without schmaltz? Harry Nilsson was a man of many facets, and by rights he should be a superstar. He could write pop songs so clever and catchy the Beatles were impressed. Sometimes he wrote children’s songs, or songs that sounded like children’s songs. He could compose in nearly any style, and he was a master of interpreting others’ work. In fact, he was one of the first rock stars to record a cover album of classic songs, which is something everybody and Queen Latifah now thinks they have to do. Nilsson recorded some of the world’s most tender ballads. He also made a great number of hilarious novelty songs, like I’d Rather Be Dead (Than Wet My Bed) and Jesus Christ You’re Tall. Unfortunately, talented though he was, Nilsson rather got screwed in the charisma department. He had the voice and the songs, but he didn’t have the looks or the attitude. As far as the world is concerned, Harry Nilsson is just that drunken guy with John Lennon. And that is the world’s loss. It just means that we fans get him all to ourselves.

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