I Don’t Mind

What a pretty song, Superheavy. A quiet moment, perfect for a cool autumn day. Because when else is better for being wistful and romantic? Now, ‘wistful and romantic’ is far from my default setting, but neither do I have a heart of stone. Beautiful singing really gets me. If maybe Mick Jagger isn’t the first person who springs to mind when you think of pretty singing, plainly you don’t know Mick. He is one of the most versatile singers I know of, and when he’s being pretty, he’s very very pretty (and his singing is too). Let’s give a hand to Joss Stone, too. I never paid much attention to her before, but if Mick Jagger has picked her for a collaborator, she must be something, right? And she’s held her own. She sounds lovely. Maybe one day I’ll listen to one of her records. Damian Marley’s third verse doesn’t quite fit the mood, but he does offer a bit of humor, and shakes it up a little. All in all, a wonderful song, and again, I can’t recommend Superheavy enough times.

Oh and I guess it’s Skanksgiving, so happy that.

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