Heart of Stone

The first reaction to Heart of Stone would naturally be “oh, what a mean-spirited nasty song”. So it would seem. Mick Jagger is clearly bragging about what a douchebag he is. The natural second conclusion would be a realization that anyone who insists so hard on being a douche is in reality kind of pathetic and sad. I always felt that it was a very sad song that said a lot between the lines. Because, of course, nobody just has a heart of stone for no reason. It’s another reason The Rolling Stones are so fucking great, because even a mean nasty little song works on many levels. You can talk about what it’s about and what it’s really about underneath. Except. Except then I reached my third conclusion, upon really listening to it for the first time in a long time. My third conclusion, I found, is that that’s exactly how I’m feeling right now, just change all the lines to say ‘boy’. Like I’ve been hearing this song for however many years I’ve been alive and making an intellectual judgement about it without understanding it a bit on an emotional level. And now it suddenly feels like Mick Jagger is putting the thoughts in my head. Not that I’m purposely trying to make anyone cry, though I suspect that I have. I’m just walking down the street and all I can see is boys who like me more than I like them and are in for a disappointment and I really don’t care for anyone’s feelings but my own anymore. Except the one who cares even less than I do, that one’s special. What a bloody depressing condition, you would say, but really it’s not that. It’s just an ongoing state of romantic ennui and massive indifference. And I honestly do wish I could be a happy little Paul McCartney frolicking through the tulips with my one true love, but not everyone gets to be that way. I guess I’m just more a Mick Jagger type, having the carapace of a tank, and feeling nothing but contempt for anyone stupid enough to want to chase me, but too vain and horny to stop letting them chase me. Or so I pretend while on the inside all I want is for the one fucking person I can’t have to show little sign of humanity and not be a fucking brick wall all the time. So, what I’m saying is, I’m suddenly finding all kinds of ways to relate to a mean, nasty little girl-bashing Rolling Stones song.