Heart Of Gold

One of my top things to look forward to this year is seeing Neil Young (reunited with Crazy Horse) playing at ACL in October. There’s plenty of cool people coming to ACL, but not too many of them approach Neil Young’s stature. Now obviously there’s a great demand to hear him play Heart of Gold and all his other classics, but knowing that old Neil can be a cantankerous bastard, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t. I think we can expect to hear a lot of his newest album. It’s called Americana, and it is just what the title advertised. You probably haven’t been laying awake nights hoping to someday hear Neil Young sing Oh, Susanna, but he’s done it anyway. And “oh, my darling Clementine”. And “She’ll be coming ’round the mountain when she comes”. And other campfire classics children sing. I don’t actually know if children still sing those songs, but in my day they did, and you betcha they did when Neil Young was a kid. It sure sounds like he had a blast recording them just now. Rest assured he’s done it in a very Neil Young & Crazy Horse manner. Old Neil hasn’t gone Norman Rockwell on us yet. He brings all the¬†cacophonous feedback and rowdy, drunk-sounding choruses he could muster, which is quite a lot. Which is a refreshing departure from traditionalists who think that American folk music should be played as inoffensively as possible. The world may not been in need of another recording of This Land Is Your Land, but¬†Neil Young & Crazy Horse are offering the most hard rocking version I’ve ever heard, and that’s the one I’ll take. That’s what all you ACL goers can expect to rock out to come October, but maybe if you’re lucky he’ll pull Heart of Gold out for an encore.