Heads Will Roll

I’ll confess right here and now that I didn’t really like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs all that much before they went mainstream. I guess I liked them more when they got a little New Wave and not so much when they were more punk. If that makes me fail the hipster test, whatever, fine. I mean, I knew about them and I checked ’em out and I thought they looked better than they sounded. Then when they picked up a keyboard for It’s Blitz, that’s when they won me over. Their earlier stuff wasn’t bad but it just didn’t stick with me. It’s Blitz was definitely their best album and their most popular. I don’t know if they’ve broken up for real or if they’re just on hiatus, but they haven’t been playing since then, and all I hear about is all the busy little projects that Karen O and Nick Zinner are doing without each other. Makes you think, damn just when it was getting good!