He Shiva Shankara

Why has chanting and Eastern mysticism (which I know next to nothing about) been cropping up frequently at this time? Is something telling me that I need to get a mantra and bone up on spirituality? Or just coincidence that yet another mystifying mantra has come up, and on my birthday, as it happens? I can’t think too deeply about the implications right now. But I’ll vouch that this is gonna be the weirdest thing you see all day. Nina Hagen usually has that distinction, and today she’s singing in┬áSanskrit. I’m not entirely sure the woman is human and not an alien singing machine from a small planet near Betelguese. Most normal people have a specific vocal range, be it on the high end of the register or low, which limits them in what kind of material they are suited to. Nina Hagen has no limitations on her voice. She can sing the full spectrum of the regular human register, then she goes above and below and makes sounds that are impossible to believe. So of course, she can tackle any musical style with no sweat off her brow. Chanting in Sanskrit is just another day at the office for her.