Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

Classic. Despite tiresome overplay on oldies radio. Also a primo example of a band being really famous yet totally anonymous. I expect not very many among you glanced at the photo above and recognized Creedence Clearwater Revival. I’ll admit if it weren’t for the tag it came under, I wouldn’t know who they were either. I have no idea what John Fogerty looks like, and I don’t think anybody but the most dedicated fans do either. Yet few men have a more recognizable voice. Everybody knows Creedence. Not everybody likes them, but everybody damn knows them. I’m always ┬átalking about image and how I think entertainers should be expected to have one, and any band who doesn’t bother to think about it isn’t giving the audience their money’s worth. I say that a lot. But then you get guys like CCR here, who made a huge impression on music and popular culture with zero image. Nobody gives a cluck what they looked like. They got famous and stayed popular purely by having a great sound. Would I like them more if they offered something to see as well? Yeah, of course. But you have to give credit to great music, with or without a pretty face out front.