Day: June 1, 2012


This might get lost among all the other brilliance of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, but for me it’s always been one of the highlights. Not quite a love song, but not quite not a love song either. It’s a love song about loving someone you can’t be with because they aggravate the hell out of you. But you still love them and come back to them. A pretty complex emotion, delivered as only Elton John can. Such a simple song, but Elton’s voice brings the drama. I’d call it a power ballad, but it’s better than that label. I guess maybe Elton John wasn’t at his highest peak in 1980 when this video was recorded, but even slightly diminished he’s a powerhouse. Don’t let the funny hats distract you from how much soul is in his voice. Feathers, rhinestones, platform boots, it doesn’t matter. It’s just stage dressing. Elton John could be alone on an empty stage with his piano, no frippery, no sparkles, and still put on a bravura performance. But that wouldn’t be fun for him. He likes his showbiz.