Harley Davidson

Campy enough for you? French movie star warbling about American things she probably has no idea about. I’m not entirely sure if Brigitte Bardot has been to America, or even speaks English. She’s never made a movie in Hollywood, that much is known. It doesn’t matter; she is Bardot and the world still worships her. She’s a sex symbol only rivaled by Monroe, and unlike Monroe, she’s still alive. Watch the video and tell me what it is about BB that every two-bit ingenue wants to copy a bit of her magic, why her look is on every runway from Tokyo to Sao Paolo. Her singing isn’t great. Is she a good actress? Are any of her movies still watched and loved the way MM’s are? I can’t say for sure, but the two I’ve seen were both awful.  Et Dieu… créa la femme was vile with misogyny even by fifties standards, and Contempt just made me fall asleep. I’m not even sure I like her as a person. Yes, she was one of the first celebrities who supported animal rights, and after retiring from movies, she’s dedicated her life to the cause. She now lives as a recluse, presumably with 500 cats, marshaling funds and support for animal rights organisations from her home in St Tropez. She’s helped draw attention to seal hunting, dolphin killing, horse slaughter and many, many other issues. All of which is admirable, and I would call her a hero, except for the niggling matter of her pronounced racism. She’s been charged and fined multiple times for ‘inciting racial hatred’ against Muslims, taking a right-wing position on France’s immigration issues, supporting nationalist political parties, and making racist and homophobic statements in interviews and in print. Her intolerant, uber-nationalist attitudes are repugnant, while her unflagging dedication to animal welfare is admirable. Does one balance out the other? I don’t think most of her young fans on the internet are aware of either. They just recognize her image as a gold standard of beauty and sexuality.

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