Harlem Shuffle

In the 80’s Paul Abdul wasn’t the only one making videos with animated cats of questionable racial sensitivity. Unlike Paula, The Rolling Stones lived it down though. Because, one, no video for Harlem Shuffle can be without hep cat stereotypes, and two, they’re the bloody Rolling Stones and they can do whatever they want to. No one expects political correctness from the Stones. And, you know, it was the 80’s, an unkind decade for everyone. There’s been many a debate as to when exactly The Rolling Stones died creatively, never settled because, as it happens, they never did. Though their output in the 80’s was limited in quality and quantity, for personal reasons I’ve mentioned before, they still brought out enough singles that still hold up as classics today. Harlem Shuffle was a hit that never left radio rotation. For the clear reason that it’s one of the funkiest grooves ever recorded, although that’s no credit to The Stones. They just brought fame and attention to a song by Bob & Earl that’s been kicking around since 1963. A lot of R’n’B legends from Booker To to The Righteous Brothers have cut versions, but┬áconnoisseurs agree that French/Moroccan singer Vigon’s version is definitive. Actually, I just made that up. The Rolling Stones’ version is without question the most well known and therefore definitive, but Vigon’s video is a classic.