Hard Times of Old England

English folk music appreciation post here, with Steeleye Span, my favorite English folk revivalists. My opinion is, a traditional song can be arranged many different ways, but this one didn’t need the addition of a saxophone. Other than that, the Span’s musicianship still can’t be faulted. Yeah, they’re all really old now, as are a lot of the best people nowadays, and it’s been a few decades since they were anywhere within breathing distance of cool. But, by God, they still can play, and Maddy Prior still can sing. Appreciating folk music was hip enough in the sixties and early seventies, but it’s been left for dead now by everyone save the NPR crowd. So it’s really kind of sad that the best English folk music still comes from Steeleye Span, Fairport Convention, and a few other geezers. Because I don’t see any young people taking an interest in traditional songs or traditional instruments. Maybe the Ren Fair crowd? No, they take off their chain mail and go back to their death metal. Goat cheese nibbling hipsters? Naw, they’ve not caught on to anything that’s not buzzing aggressively around the internet. Nobody can sing like Maddy Prior, and nobody even wants to. What will happen when Maddy dies?