Day: May 16, 2012

Happy Hunting Ground

I’m wishing for a Sparks tour of the United States, but it seems that no one over here wants to hear them. They’re  constantly doing cool stuff in Europe, like playing their entire back catalog live. Then again, Europe is where people buy their records, so why would they bother coming over here? The Maels were just born on the wrong continent. Sometimes Russ even affects a bit of an English accent. Never say never, though. Looks like they’ve got plenty of steam left in them. Age hasn’t done Russell’s impishness any favors, but he can still hit high notes at the outer limits of the human falsetto, while Ron still has the stage presence of a very sarcastic block of wood. And I’m sure old fans are charmed and delighted that the boys are happy to pull out some classic songs from their early, guitar-based parody-glam-rock era. I loved them when they went all Giorgio Moroder on us, yes, but it wasn’t as good as the Kimono My House, Propaganda and Indiscreet years. Sparks were, unquestionably, the world’s greatest parody glam rock duo. Of course, glam rock itself went down the tubes around the time Bowie cut his mullet off, so the world’s need for a glam rock parody duo plummeted. There’s plenty of musical styles left to poke a little friendly fun at, and Sparks have had a blast with disco and EDM. The key to making a good parody is to be genuinely as good, if not better, than the original subject, and at that they excel. They played some of the best glam rock ever, hilarious or not, and the best disco, too.