“What I’m a-longing for is some happiness”

I’ve always been a firm believer that happiness is to be found within. Not that happiness is a choice – that’s too easy. If everyone could choose to be happy, everyone would. It holds, also, that although external forces can deprive us of happiness, they cannot provide it. Does money buy happiness? Would you be happy if all your dreams came true? Well, all of Marilyn Monroe’s dreams came true, and look what happened to her. We can’t expect something or someone to come along and cause us to be happy. You have to scrabble and dig inside yourself and find the mindset and tell yourself the reasons to be happy. And some people never, ever find it, no matter how big a big-screen TV is in their living room. I work hard on my optimism and I’m responsible for my own happiness. I’ve found that there’s a few things that really boost the happy hormones in the brain, and one of the main ones is music. It’s a science fact. Music is like taking Ecstasy. Strait shot of dopamine to the brain. Even depressing music. (So crying your eyes out to really sad music but still getting that good high, that’s like what, a speedball?) Logically, awesome great happy making music that’s about things making us happy should make us doubly happy, right? Play the song and find out.