Hanging On Too Long

In this day and age, performers need to think hard about what their stage name should be and whether they might end up having what we scientists call a ‘Google problem’. Like for example, when I search Tumblr for pictures of the honey-voiced Welsh singer Duffy, I end up scrolling through page after page featuring some effed’ up teddy bear. I’ve never heard of Duffy the teddy, but a lot of folks have and there’s more pictures of him than there are of the human being I’m looking for. If Duffy had chosen to sell records under the name Aimee Duffy, or Aimee Ann Duffy, or Ann Duffy, Duffy Ann, or Double A Duff or whatever, she wouldn’t be losing pageviews to a stuffed animal. At least she doesn’t have Joe Jackson’s problem. He has to share a tag with a famed child abuser. Newly-minted stars need to stop and think about any potentially¬†embarrassing namesakes they may have¬†before unleashing themselves on the world. Or, some nerd genius needs to invent a means of simultaneously searching more than one tag. There has to be a way to do this. I don’t want to look at teddy bear pictures.