Hanging On The Telephone

Have you noticed how many Blondie songs are about being a stalker? This, One Way Or Another, I’m Gonna Love You Too, and The Tide Is High being the most blatant examples. Plus many others that are just slightly creepy, like Picture This, Susie and Jeffrey, or X Offender. In fact, most of Blondie’s songs cast Debbie Harry as a romantic obsessive. Sometimes merely a deeply in love romantic, sometimes the kind of romantic who follows a guy downtown to spy on him and knows what his mom’s up to at any given time. Or the insane type who drives her car into a wall with her fiancee inside. That might sound like the work of a disturbed mind, but somehow Debbie still comes off as a sweetie-pie. Maybe because she is a sweetie and she’s just playing a campy role. Or maybe she really is horrible and insane but gets away with it because she’s so pretty. Probably the first. The persona works and she continues to be appealing and iconic to girls young enough to be her daughter. How does someone so ridiculously beautiful still feel like a cool best friend? Debbie comes off as a slightly amped-up version of a regular cool chick, the kind of little bit crazy, little bit fast, cool but nice neighborhood girl we all kind of looked up to at one point or another. So it’s really kind of adorable that she’s always stalking and creeping and spying. Because everybody kind of does that to some extent. We’re all hanging on the telephone, like Debbie says.