Hangin’ Round

Ohh, bitchy! Lou Reed has a great nasty sense of humor when he’s in bitch mode, and this is song one of his best campy social critiques. It introduces a big cast of characters, but unlike other songs where he sings about people with names, I don’t think anyone here is ¬†famous or even a real person. I think he’s just letting hangers on ¬†and various party girls in general have it. Half the words don’t even make sense. What, dentures, where, on her nose, wtf? If it was a new song, which it absolutely could pass for, I would think it was all about the evils of hipsters, except that I know that wasn’t a thing in the seventies, at least not a thing with a name. It’s the big thing now to complain about the plague of hipsters, and I don’t know what the thing to complain about was back then, but I don’t think the NYC underground social scene has changed all that profoundly much. I bet it’s still home to a handful of the genuinely awesome and cool, plus a swarm of lame people who think they’re cool if they just spend enough money on the right pants to wear. Coolness and fake coolness haven’t changed much – they still revolve around each other, and the really cool people get pissed off. I suspect that might be what Lou’s going on about.