Hang-Ups rocking harder live than on record. For those who thought Dandy in the Underworld ran heavy on the keyboards, the live version definitely sounds more classic T.Rex. I thought Dandy was just perfect keyboards and all, personally. It’s full of bouncy, catchy tunes and it’s a little different but still a classic. We saw how well trying to eternally recreate The Slider worked out. It got boring and people stopped buying records. I worship Marc Bolan greatly, but there was a block in the mid seventies when he was in a slump and his records weren’t worth listening to, even for me. He was trying too hard to be the same Bolan he was in 1972, and failing. As soon as he let his hair down and started having fun again, everyone was having fun again. Unfortunately, we’re left to only imagine what road Marc Bolan would have followed from there, but he danced himself into the tomb only months after his big comeback. I like to imagine that if he were alive today, he’d be an extremely batty old man.