Hang With Me

I’m just debating whether to get tickets for Robyn’s next show at The Moody. On one hand, I saw her last year and I should save my money for an act that I haven’t already seen. On the other hand, it was an awesome show and since there aren’t any acts I haven’t already seen looming on the horizon, I may as well. It’s not until late June, so I’ll probably make a last minute decision. Big dilemma, but for you who haven’t seen Robyn, I recommend you go. She’s loads of fun. Yeah, she travels with a bank of synthesizers bigger than she is, and she uses a backing track. But so what, she’s not Billie Holiday, she’s a dance pop artist. What she lacks in live¬†instruments¬†she makes up for in energy and fun, and great beats. And, of course, she’s the cutest – she’s about the size of a squirrel and dances like one too. Seriously, Robyn is one of the funnest shows you could go to, not least for the audience watching – so many fabulous beeyotches! – and the dancing.