Hang On To Me Tonight

I’m currently in a state of extreme cynicism about love and romance. There’s no such thing as true love, it seems like, there’s only lust and delusion. Forever alone looks like a better option than getting stuck with another wrong choice, or settling for barely adequate. I’m not going to bore you with my niggling romantic discontent – I’ve got another blog for that – but my latest bruising has faded to a dull ache and I need a refresher.┬áBut all that doesn’t mean I don’t still appreciate a good love song. I’ve still got feelings, you know. I still want the love song to be true, even if it’s a sad one.┬áSomebody (eh, Mick Jagger) wrote this about finding and losing and longing and missing and holding on, and I can relate to that, but I want to relate to it more.