Model of the Week: Lily Donaldson

Lily Donaldson |

If you subscribe to Bazaar you will have received your first 2011 issue with a cover of Lily Donaldson cuddling a baby leopard. Me, I’m very happy about it – movie stars just about make me puke at this point. A want to see clothes worn by real professional clothes-wearers. Speaking of that…models today, I do complain about them, do I not. How they’re not as great as they were back in my day. Well, here we see Lily, who represents the cutting edge of trends in modeling, not least because a lot of models nowadays seem to be named Lily. She is, on her own terms, a great beauty and a fine model. She’s a dewy blonde-haired English rose. Her face is so white and perfect it’s like she’s made of porcelain. And the eyes – the eerie, huge blue eyes that look like something out of a creepy Victorian child painting. She looks like she’s waiting for some much older gent to come along and write her a fantasia about hookah smoking caterpillars and white rabbits whatnot. Looking like Guy Bourdin‘s re-conception of Alice in Wonderland is not, in and of itself, a bad thing. Neither do I get ruffled when I see yet another borderline Lolicon high-art magazine spread of frilly-dressed sylphs wandering about in the big bad woods with their nipples hanging out. But when that’s all there is, I do get offended. All the models look like this. There they go marching down the runway like an army of Madame Alexander dolls. And it’s always the same shoots of babes in the woods. Oh and now there’s this retro-Studio 54 thing, where it’s the same girls made to look like Alice Liddell grew up to be Jerry Hall. How can Lily become a star if everyone looks like Lily?


Lily Donaldson |

Lily Donaldson |

Lily Donaldson |

Lily Donaldson |

Lily Donaldson |



with Jessica Stam

Lily Donaldson |

Lily Donaldson |

Lily Donaldson |



One thought on “Model of the Week: Lily Donaldson

  1. Irina says:

    What’s with the laundromat scene? To my uneducated eye it looks like an unusual shot. Or do models in the pictures often wash, sweep, and dust?

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