You should subscribe to Bazaar.

angelina jolie cover

I know that what with the economy and all, magazine sales are down. Even an old survivor like Harper’s Bazaar is forced to struggle for sales. It seems that editor-in-cheif Glenda Jackson feels that she must compete with the likes of US Weekly and Ok! For years Bazaar has been a premier offender in the realms of fashion magazines slavishly covering movie stars. In the past few months they’ve been using a particularly low-rent font – 500 NEW IDEAS! – on every cover. This month they’ve sunk lower than ever before with a generic headshot of Angelina Jolie. Now, I adore Angelina, and I won’t stand for anyone criticizing her. But this is not the cover story I want to see. Not only is there no interview, but Angelina didn’t even sit for a single picture. All the pictures, including the cover, are TMZ quality paparzzi shots. Cheap. Tacky and cheap.

However, Bazaar has saved the real goodies for us lucky subscribers. They’ve often printed two covers – a commercial one for newstands  and a more artistic one for subscribers. This month the chasm in quality is especially wide. While newsstands get a tabloid-slumming  piece of crap, subscibers get the luscious Doutzen Kroes. As you can see, Doutzen is stunning. She has big juicy lips and honey-gold hair you could eat with a spoon. Unfortunately in her photo spread she’s pulling the same open-mouthed glassy-eyed sexyface. Doutzen is so beautiful and has star potential, but she is not bringing enough of herself to the pictures. A really great model knows how to use her own personality to interpret the clothes. A great model must a strong sense of self, a vivid imaginantion and a magnetic personality to bring the fantasy to life. If she does not appear to be an interesting person, or lacks vitality, she will not appeal to buyers, and she will not succeed in the business. I hope Doutzen develops a stronger persona to go with her amazing looks.