Around And Around

In 1964, the Stones come to deflower the youth of America. Here we see vintage concert footage along with a typical inane interview. In the days before stars hired camera crews to record every sneeze for posterity, few performances were filmed. TV appearances have survived, showing bands with unplugged equipment lip synching in front of a lurid set. Unfortunately raw concert footage is more rare, so we have to imagine the full force of the fierce young Stones. This is a nice look at the early days. Mick looks adorable and sexy. He would be about 21 here, Keith probably not even that yet. Near the beginning, a fan says that the Stones have more sex appeal than the Beatles. That was the perception. Ironically, it was the Beatles  who were the depraved drug fiends, while the Stones were good middle class mummy’s boys who’d never been abroad. The Beatles were more working class, and they’d done their notorius stint in Hamburg, where they learned about speed, whores and existentialism.

This is a song by Chuck Berry. Berry’s catalogue was mined hard by the Rolling Stones.  Their version is extemely faithfull to the original. Keith Richards for one, put a lot of effort into emulating Berry, and the influence was never  lost. I put the Stones version first not because it’s better, but because it’s the Stones. When Mick Jagger was busy debating whether or not 25 was too old to rock’n’roll, Chuck Berry was out there playing his songs just as he always had (except those times when he was in jail), and he’s never stopped rocking. Chuck Berry will rock until the day he dies.

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